MREA developed a unique partnership The Center for Authentic Intellectual Work to increase student learning by engaging students in authentic intellectual work at five MREA school districts in northern Minnesota. Authentic intellectual work is defined by three criteria: construction of knowledge, through disciplined inquiry, to produce discourse, products, and performance that have value beyond school.

During the two-year project, the groups are aiming for secondary school reform in Northern Minnesota through reflective professional development. AIW focuses on equipping students to address the complex intellectual challenges of work, civic participation, and managing personal affairs in the contemporary world through reflective professional development. The participating school districts include Bagley, Clearbrook-Gonvick, Fisher, Kelliher, Laporte.

The partnership that started in fall 2012 is made possible through the support of the Blandin Foundation, NW Service Cooperative, and and Northwest Minnesota Foundation.

The project comes after posting significant results for Ogilvie High School. In the spring of 2010, Ogilvie High School was one of eleven high schools labeled by the Minnesota Department of Education. as “Minnesota’s Persistently Lowest Achieving Schools” and designated for a School Improvement Grant (SIG). Ogilvie chose AIW as one of its core improvement strategies with Dr. Fred Nolan as the AIW Certified Lead Coach (also MREA Executive Director). Learn more.

Two years later, in the August 2012,  the school saw significant improvement in its Minnesota Multiple Measurement Rating (MMR):

  • Ogilvie Secondary Schools MMR Rank is 70.32, Focused Rating 90.02
  • MMR is better than 332 Minnesota High Schools
  • MMR and FR were #1 among 2010 MDE Designated SIG Schools
  • Ogilvie’s MMR was more than double other SIG schools av. MMR rating of 3

It Works
MREA identified AIW as one of the 3 Things That Work in Minnesota Education to close the achievement gap. Download this report to learn more on:

  • How it works
  • Proven results
  • Personal stories

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