2017 MREA Annual Conference

Future Ready Students

How do we ensure we’re developing future-ready students?


This is the focus of the 2017 MREA Annual Conference Nov. 12-14. Save the dates on your calendar and gather your team. Members can take advantage of 3 ways to save:

  1. Save $60 per person when registering groups of at least 3 people.
  2. Save even more with Early Bird discounts when registering and paying for groups through August 4.
  3. Add a teacher to your school group of 3 people and pay only $125 for this 4th member. Call the MREA office for registration details.

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Every Student Needs A Why to Try

Transforming America’s K-12 Schools

Motivational speaker, author and educator John Baylor will open the conference. In addition to helping students, Baylor is on a mission to help schools. His recent book, Reaching Higher: The Simple Strategy to Transform America’s K-12 Schools, shows schools how to affect change in school culture to improve motivation.

Soft Skills + Tech Skills = Real Life Learning

Creating Future Ready Students

Craig Cegielski will share both practical and personal experience. He attended technical education classes in high school while working at the local machine and fabrication shop. He later earned a Technology Education degree and was honored as National Rural Teacher of the Year for starting a high school student manufacturing company that teaches soft and technical skills.

Legislative Lessons

What’s Next for Rural Schools?

Sam Walseth has logged 17 legislative sessions lobbying at the Minnesota State Capitol and leading successful coalitions to improve equity in educational opportunities for rural students. He will provide an insider’s perspective on the 2017 legislative activities and share what’s next for rural schools.

Early Bird Sessions

  • Affordability of College: A Message of Hope
  • Education’s Silent Opponent:  Toxic Stress…Changing Everything!
  • Making Open Educational Resources Work for You
  • Minnesota’s Education and Employment Reality: Data to Make Career & Educational Decisions

Breakout Session I

  • Career Expos Engage and Inform Students about Careers
  • College and Career Readiness for ALL Students
  • Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities: How Rural Communities Can Retain Their Young Adults
  • Determining Appropriate Interventions with Data and Standards
  • Empower Students to Take Charge of Learning
  • Get Ready: Preparing Students for the Future
  • Great Jobs Without A Four-Year Degree
  • Moving Away from Class Rank: Does Rank tell the Whole Story?
  • Property Taxes: Levy Certification to Individual Tax Statements
  • RC3 – The Best Kept Secret
  • TL21: A 21st Century Learning Environment in Rural MN
  • Tools of the Trade: A Data-Driven Adventure to Help Guide Students! (Ext. Session Part 1 of 2)

Breakout Session II

  • Concurrent Enrollment: Supporting the Current Landscape and Paving the Way for the Future
  • Create More 2- and 4-Year College Graduates
  • Filling Minnesota’s Skilled Worker Shortage
  • Free Range Collaboration – Organic Experiences in Learning
  • How Minnesota Service Cooperatives Are Supporting Concurrent Enrollment
  • Relational Leadership for Educational Leaders
  • The 411 on Personal Learning Plans
  • The ACT Toolkit for Student Success
  • Tools of the Trade: A Data-Driven Adventure to Help Guide Students! (Ext. Session Part 2 of 2)
  • TRA: Addressing Pension Underfunding
  • Why Good Referenda Fail*

Breakout Session III

  • A Homegrown Workforce: Expanding Awareness of Rural Career Pathways
  • Building Rural CTE Programs Requires Cooperation
  • Come Along for a SLEDS Ride: Data from K-12 to College & Career
  • Developing School Boards to Increase Student Achievement
  • Equipping Educators for Social Emotional Learning
  • High School Faculty College Credentials NOT Required
  • How your peers are increasing ACT scores
  • Minnesota Teacher Licensure Redefined
  • Rural Pulse 2016: Understanding the Rural Voice and Landscape
  • School Finance 101*
  • Supporting Students on the Path to Graduation and Beyond


*This session is part of the Introductory School Finance series.


Sunday, Nov. 12

5:00 PM

Conference Check-in

Location: Main Lobby

5:30 PM

Light Dinner Buffet

Location: Poolside

6:15 PM

Conference Connections Kickoff

Location: Poolside

7:00 PM

Early-Bird Workshops

Monday, Nov. 13

7:00 AM

Breakfast Buffet

Location: Main Dining Room

8:15 AM

Welcome & Opening Keynote Speaker

Location: Event Centre

10:05 AM

Breakout Session I


11:10 AM

Breakout Session II


12:00 PM


Location: Main Dining Room

1:30 PM

Breakout Session III


3:00 PM


Location: Poolside

4:30 PM

Legislative Lessons & Social Hour: What’s Next for Rural Schools?

Location: Lakeshore 1-4

6:00 PM

Awards Banquet

Location: Main Dining Room

7:30 PM

Dessert & Conversation

Location: Lakeshore 1-4

Tuesday, Nov. 14

7:30 AM

Breakfast Buffet

Location: Event Centre

7:30 AM

Gallery Walk

Location: Event Centre

9:30 AM

Closing Speaker

Location: Event Centre

10:30 AM

MREA Annual Business Meeting

Location: Event Centre

11:00 AM

Prizes & Send-off

Location: Event Centre

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