Here is the candidate’s interest statement for serving on the MREA Board of Directors, representing the South Central Zone, beginning in 2019:

School Board Representative Candidates

Maydra Maas

Westbrook-Walnut Grove Schools

This past year, I have been both humbly honored and privileged to serve as MREA South Central Zone’s school board representative. In this position, I succinctly learned and experienced the following:

MREA knows the future is ours to determine. The Board of Directors succinctly know the actions we take and firmly believes the decisions we make today influence what happens tomorrow. That is why MREA continues to value partnerships with regional entities. Our staff owns a stake in the cooperative venture that helps achieve educational goals essential for our kids to survive and thrive. Together, the plans MREA make and the people and policies they influence matter because they define our kids’ future health and well-being.