COVID-19 not only impacted the end of the 2019-20 school year — it also will require extensive changes for the safe reopening of school in the fall. Leaders face variables they control and others outside of their control.

School leaders will need to prepare to turn their own dial throughout the school year while also responding to state guidance and executive orders.

During the summer, school leaders are to develop clear plans for the fall start of school based on new realities while remaining in communication with parents, students and the community on what to expect.

As with distance learning, this requires actively planning, regularly gathering input, adapting, and continually reaching out to inform.

View the pre-planning guide.

Resources to Get Started


The Southwest Prairie and Southeast Metro Regional Centers of Excellence (RCEs) have issued a resource full of topics and considerations to address in educational planning, staffing and student engagement. They have completed sections on wrapping up the school year and summer school. Their discussion prompts can easily be applied to reopening in the fall. View the presentation


Shamus O’Meara has created a presentation for MREA partner ICS.  View the presentation

MSBA announced it will add policy information on its COVID-19 landing page


AASA and ASBO estimate costs at just under $500 per student for districts to adhere to CDC guidelines for monitoring and cleaning, safety protocols, PPE and transportation. ($1,778,139 for the national average school district of 3,659 students or $486 per student) View fact sheet.

CDC Guidelines

These set the stage and parameters for all other guidance.

State Guidelines

School districts and charter schools must adhere to the health requirements and recommendations in MDH Guidance for Schools and should consult MDE Planning Guidance for Minnesota Public Schools for 2020-21 as plans for each scenario are developed.

Learn more about the guidance and scenarios.


Taking Action

MREA developed extensive guides and resources to implement a new hybrid learning model with these key planning phases:

  1.  Assess
  2. Pre-Plan
  3. Build New Master Schedules (with interactive worksheet)
  4. Implement and Operationalize
  5. Communicate

Stay Connected

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