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Governor Budget Plan Unveiled Tuesday

By January 20, 2013 No Comments

The legislature will reconvene on Tuesday and receive Governor Dayton’s much anticipated budget plans for 2014-15. The Governor’s staff and his agency heads have been very tight lipped about what the overall plan will entail. We’ve been hearing for months about tax reform and the Governor’s goal of raising revenue on the highest income earners. Will he follow through on those promises?  Governor Dayton campaigned on a promise to increase the general education formula each year while he’s in office. Stay tuned to next week’s update for details on his budget plan.

The House Education Finance & Senate E-12 Budget Division will follow the Governor’s announcement with a rare joint hearing on Wednesday. They will review the Governor’s budget proposals for early childhood and K-12 education. This is a unique opportunity for members of the House and Senate to meet together before they get to conference committee in late April.

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