Delivering value with cooperative purchasing, training and support.


Sourcewell boldly forges into the future because of a solid foundation formed as National Joint Powers Alliance in Staples, Minnesota. Visionary leaders created the rich history by refusing to settle for status quo. NJPA got its start from the idea schools, counties, and cities could find greater success working cooperatively.

In 2018, the 40-year-old organization changed its name to Sourcewell to better reflect the relationship with all members.

“As we continue to grow our services regionally and throughout North America, we recognized the opportunity to rebrand under a name that better suits who we are for all members,” said Dr. Chad Coauette, Sourcewell executive director/CEO.

“We strive to be a trusted partner and valuable Source for information, planning, and training. We’re not satisfied just providing responsive solutions; we want to deliver them Well.”

In a world filled with acronyms, Sourcewell better describes what employees do when helping members with cooperative purchasing, education, training, and securing critical services.

The change is part of a branding evolution started in 2016 to focus the organization on being purpose driven, attentive, and relationship oriented. Soucewell has a new website and member relationship management system to intentionally learn more about members and deliver services more efficiently.

“Every era in this organization’s 40-year history has been marked by a change in branding that really reflects our mission,” noted Travis Bautz, Sourcewell director of marketing. “Going forward, we’re going to continue to increase our services and connectivity to our members.

We’ve got a building full of people that are inspired by the work members are doing in their communities, and we are dedicated to being an important source for them in that work. Our refreshed brand and name reflect that commitment.”

About Sourcewell’s logo

  • The visual representation for Sourcewell is made up of a mosaic. Pieces represent streets, parks, schools, and integral roads connecting them all. The orange arrow signals energy and forward progress for the communities it serves.
  • The word ‘Sourcewell’ puts emphasis on ‘well,’ striving to be a valued source for members and for members to feel good about using its services.

** Editorial content provided by associate member.