MREA is the only organization advocating exclusively for Greater Minnesota education. Under the leadership of school board members, administrators, teachers and community members, MREA focuses on putting learners first to bring about our best possible future.

Who makes up MREA?

MREA brings together teachers, administrators and school board members from across Greater Minnesota and partners with education cooperatives, higher education, nonprofits, businesses and community members.

How did MREA get started?

A grassroots organization, MREA was founded in 1985 by a group of school board members and administrators who believed non-metro school districts needed a focused voice in St. Paul to represent every student around the state.

How Does MREA Serve Schools?

MREA serves school districts by advocating for the issues that matter to them, communicating changes and the impact they’ll have and providing high-quality professional development and networking.

Meet Your Leadership Team

Bob Indihar

Bob Indihar

Executive Director

Diane Vosen

Diane Vosen

Administrative Coordinator

Sam Walseth

Sam Walseth

Legislative Affairs Director

Kayla Schoenberg

Kayla Schoenberg

Communications Director

Meet Your Board of Directors

MREA’s Board of Directors is comprised of 21 members – 16 representative directors elected by the membership (4 per zone) and 5 statewide directors  (higher education, agencies, and education districts) appointed by the Board. Elections are held in the fall for a January 1 term start. View qualifications.

Member-Elected Positions

Kelly Berg

Teacher (East Grand Forks)
Term expires 2021

Tim Lutz

Administrator (Bemidji)
Term expires 2021

PollyAnn Sorcan

School Board (Rock Ridge)
Term expires 2023

Jim Ferden


At-Large (Win-E-Mac)
Term expires 2022

Lance Bagstad

Past President

At-Large (Park Rapids)
Term expires 2024

Michelle Rinke Koch

At-Large Executive Committee

Teacher (Menahga)
Term expires 2022

Abby Geotz

School Board (Crosby-Ironton)
Term expires 2021

Jeff Drake

Administrator (Fergus Falls)
Term expires 2023

VACANT (applications open Fall 2021)

Term expires 2024

Tammy Roth

Teacher  (Morris)
Term expires 2021

Dennis Laumeyer

At-Large (Benson)
Term expires 2023

Maydra Maas

School Board (Westbrook-Walnut Grove)
Term expires 2022

Joe Cerar

Teacher (Plainview-Elgin-Millville)
Term expires 2023

Jake Thompson

School Board (Plainview-Elgin-Millville)
Term expires 2024

Todd Holthaus

Administrator (Hills-Beaver Creek)
Term expires 2023

Matt Schultz


At-Large (Lanesboro)
Term expires 2021

The Board meets 5-6 times in a calendar year, including the Annual Conference. Meetings are usually held in the Twin Cities during the legislative session and in Greater Minnesota outside of session.

2021 Meetings:

  • February 8-9, Online
  • April 15, Online
  • July 26-27, Detroit Lakes
  • October 25-26, Willmar
  • November 14-16, Brainerd (Annual Conference)

Board-Appointed Positions

North, Agency

Mark Schmitz

Resource Training & Solutions, St. Cloud
Term expires 2024

North, Higher Ed

Dr. Boyd Bradbury

Minnesota State University, Moorhead
Term expires 2024

Minnesota Education District Assn.

Karen Jacobson


Minnesota River Valley Education District, Montevideo
Term expires 2022

South, Agency

Cliff Carmody

Southwest-West Central Service Cooperative, Marshall
Term expires 2021

South, Higher Ed

Dr. Daniel Kirk

Winona State University
Term expires 2023

View Past MREA Presidents

2021 Karen Jacobson
2020 Lance Bagstad
2019 Lee Carlson
2018 Todd Holthaus
2017 Rick Frederickson
2016 Jeremy Kovash
2015 Chris Mills
2014 Mike Vasek
2013 Scott Vedbraaten
2012 Rhonda Bonnstetter
2011 Loy Woelber
2010 Dawn Koennicke
2009 Luther Heller
2008 Curt Tryggestad
2007 Tim Berg
2006 Irv Peterson
2005 Deb Andries
2004 Lloyd Styrwroll
2003 Dan Zimansky
2001-02 Lee Warne
2000-01 Dennis Drummond
1999-2000 Corny Smit
1998-99 Art Brandli
1997-98 Gerald Ness
1996-97 Jan Mussak
1995-96 Marcia Jones
1994-95 Herb Benz
1993-94 Judy Nielsen
1992-93 Maxine Penas
1991-92 Linda Krabbenhoft
1990-91 Jack Wysong
Change from Chair of Board to President of MREA
1989-90 Olav Thormodson
1988-89 JulAnn Meech
1987-88 Harold Remme
1986-87 Bruce Kasden
First Chair
Pat Mohn

Our Values

Putting Learners First

MREA supports legislation developed with students in mind and focused on helping them reach their potential.

Achieving Equity

MREA supports legislation that achieves equity of educational opportunity and funding for all.

Increasing Accountability

MREA supports legislation that increases student achievement and invests public money efficiently and effectively.

Encouraging Collaboration

MREA supports legislation that strengthens cooperation and flexibility to best meet the needs of learners and communities.

Keys To Our Continued Effectiveness


Together with members, MREA identifies key issues impacting schools and works with legislative leaders to bring about positive change for students.


MREA works to keep leaders informed on legislative changes, show the impact and how they can use their voice to make a difference.


MREA partners with a variety of organizations and individuals to address issues and provide better opportunities for students.

You can help.

Talk to your legislators, and invite them to your schools and facilities.  Tell your story. Contact us today to learn more about how you get involved in MREA’s efforts.