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MREA Seeks Platform Approval at Conference

By October 20, 2013 No Comments

Thank you to MREA members who contributed to the platform formation at the Area Meetings in August and September.  The facts and situations shared shaped the drafting of MREA’s 2014 platform.

Two of the key areas raised by members during the meetings and being formulated in the platform include teacher quality and availability, and expanding education opportunities and closing the gap.

The platform is still in draft stage. The Legislature established seven task forces and councils, many of which are active now.  In order to get a sense of issues that may be raised in the ’14 session, the MREA Board plans to finalize the draft in early November and seek feedback at the Annual Conference on Nov 17-19.

During the conference, there will be the opportunity to discuss the platform in the World Café on Monday evening. MREA also plans to provide an opportunity for members to respond through a virtual threaded conversation during the conference.  More details will be available at the conference.  To be sure you can participate in these conversations, register for the conference.

Thinking ahead to 2014, the MREA Board is considering ways to incorporate more members in these pre-platform conversations through virtual meetings (call-in or internet based), and piggy back on existing meetings of superintendents, board members and teachers where possible to increase the opportunity for MREA members to participate.  If you have suggestions or thoughts regarding this, please contact MREA at mrea@mnrea.org or visit with a board member or Fred Nolan at the Annual Conference.