Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton will appoint 11 members to the new Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) this summer.  Only two of the current Board of Teaching members can be reappointed.  Nine positions will be new appointees.

This is a once-in-lifetime opportunity to affect the direction of the new Tiered Licensing system in Minnesota and be the voice of Greater Minnesota Education.  Find the category of positions on the board that match you below:

Board Composition


Six teachers who are currently teaching in a Minnesota school or who were teaching at the time of the appointment, have at least five years of teaching experience, and were not serving in an administrative function at a school district or school when appointed.

The six teachers must include the following:

  • One teacher in a charter school
  • One teacher from the seven-county metropolitan area
  • One teacher from outside the seven-county metropolitan area
  • One teacher from a related service category licensed by the board
  • One special education teacher
  • One teacher from a teacher preparation program


  • One superintendent that alternates each term between a superintendent from the seven-county metropolitan area, and a superintendent from outside the metropolitan area
  • One school administrator district human resources director
  • One administrator of a cooperative unit who oversees a special education program
  • One principal that alternates each term between an elementary and a secondary school principal


  • One member of the public that may be a current or former school board member.

Preparing to Serve

Begin thinking and preparing now. MREA expects these positions to be posted by July 1 on the Secretary of State’s websiteLearn how you apply.

There is normally only a three-week window for applications. This board is to begin work about Oct. 1, so appointments will be made quickly.

Please let MREA know you are applying by emailing us at info@mreavoice.org  MREA can write a letter of support for your candidacy.

To learn more about PELSB, go to Article 12 of the E-12 Bill.