Free Preparation

The ACT is a tough, timed test. It is very unlike the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA), which is not timed. MREA highly recommends that districts at a minimum take advantage of the FREE ACT Prep materials from ACT and the results provided to students from taking the PLAN test. Screenshot 2014-12-30 10.24.43ACT offers free practice tests as well as materials for purchase.

An oft-overlooked resource is the PLAN test that sophomores take as a part of the testing program. Students receive their answers and the test key so they can identify their weaknesses and strengths.

One recommendation is that teachers spend some time reviewing material in the format of the ACT. It would be helpful for them to review the standards in their content area. For reasons students should prepare for the ACT and work to complete a college program see this resource from MREA Agency Member, NJPA.

Recommended Partner

MREA has a partnership with John Baylor Prep for a premier program of ACT Prep videos which schools can show in school and/or students can view the videos and take the practice tests on their own. MREA member districts receive an exclusive 10% discount. Learn more about John Baylor Prep.

Learn about alternatives to the ACT.

ACT Default Test for All MN Juniors in 2015

The ACT will become the default test for Minnesota juniors on April 28, 2015 and for the first time be offered for free. The ACT is a curriculum- and standards-based educational and career planning tool that assesses students’ academic readiness for college. It has wide applicability for all students considering a four-year college. View the Commissioner’s Memo.

For a full discussion of the statute and options for juniors in 2015, see MREA Provides Clarity on ACT Requirements for Juniors. For a full explanation of testing options for juniors in 2015, see Steps for Schools.