K-12 Leader in School Communications. Using Story to Positively Impact Education.

Captivate Media + Consulting gives MREA members a look at what they do:

At Captivate Media + Consulting, we are experts in education with a deep understanding of the challenges facing Minnesota schools and experience in addressing them. We empower school districts to get results by crafting high-impact professional video, graphic design and animation to communicate complex messages with clarity, purpose and intent.

Enrollment Marketing

Grow and retain your student enrollment, by capturing the hearts and minds of your community.

Competition for students has never been greater and your district’s brand must stand out in order to resonate with current families and to attract new ones.

Referendum Campaigns

Build a more secure future for your students and staff, by educating and empowering voters to support your district. Successfully passing a school referendum requires strategic, honest messaging that builds trust between the school district and community members. Watch Captivate’s referendum video examples.

The Voices Framework

Build an equitable and inclusive school environment inspired by student voice. A school improvement model like no other, The Voices Framework amplifies authentic, unfiltered, emotional stories from students that help transform adult mindsets on the topics of diversity, inclusion, student engagement and achievement.

In addition to supporting a district’s day-to-day video, animation and graphic communication needs through retainer or individual projects, we also specialize in:


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To learn more and experience examples of Captivate’s work, visit CaptivateMedia.us

Jake Sturgis, APR