Hiller started in 1948 in Emmetsburg, Iowa, by Dave Hiller and his son, Bob, and son-in-law, Chat Bahr. In 1963, Chet opened a branch in Rochester, Minn. The Iowa store has since closed. In 2005, Rob Elder and Dave Bahr purchased the company from Chet. Rob manages the Residential Business while Dave
manages the Commercial Business.

State Contract Vendor

Hiller Commercial Floors has been a state contract vendor since 1990. The state contract is used by state agencies and CPV (Cooperative Purchasing Venues) members to purchase flooring suitable for their circumstances. CPV includes cities, counties and schools throughout Minnesota.

Hiller services all the account statewide with quick on-site estimators who are able to assess the need and provide options that will deliver low maintenance and good looking solutions to the problems.

Quality Installation

Hiller has many installation crews that have been associated with the company for up to 40 years. They are able to deliver expert installations, on time, and work through quickly. There is a 5-year-installation warranty.

Hiller works to establish long-term relationships and does not cut corners that would prevent quality work. We are happy to provide free estimating, advice and suggest options for the correct floor covering based on the performance needs.