At ICS, we don’t simply build buildings, we build a real connection with our project partners. No matter where you are in the process, our team of professionals work across all phases of a project’s life cycle, bringing innovation, clear communication, and unparalleled expertise so you can make informed decisions that will positively impact your facility and the people it serves.

For over 15 years, we’ve collaborated with K-12 public schools to identify facility needs and develop solutions to address those needs. Together, we will embrace your District’s vision of making a difference today for a better tomorrow while uncovering opportunities to do more to serve your students well. Our team is dedicated to being a trusted partner through our proven three-phase K-12 master planning process to provide a superior project experience and outcome.


Phase One

The ICS team develops data that helps drive informed decision making through facility assessments, educational accuracy assessments, demographic assessments, financial analysis, stakeholder meetings, and listening sessions.


Phase Two

Through data analysis and stakeholder feedback sessions, facility and financial solutions are developed that best meet the needs address during the previous phase.


Phase Three

Using the data and solutions developed in the previous phase, a final plan is created with approval from the School Board and the community, if required, and carried forward into execution and implementation.

At ICS, we specialize in providing innovative facility solutions that help you plan, build, and operate your building well. Our customized services integrate the planning, funding, construction, and ongoing operations of your facilities as we help you throughout all phases of a building project.

  • Plan: Facility assessment, asset plans, strategic procurement, space utilization and capacity analysis, pre-referendum services, and funding analysis
  • Build: Owner’s representation, construction management, and program management
  • Operate: Commissioning, re-commissioning, energy audits/rebates, utility services, and Long-Term Facility Maintenance (LTFM) planning

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