MREA partners with the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI) to identify Greater Minnesota data needs and work in collaboration to explore ways to meet those needs.

Our Mission and Vision

CAREI’s mission is to improve the quality of education for all learners and thereby society as a whole. We offer four service: 1) evaluation, 2) research, 3) assessment, and 4) innovation & outreach. As applied researchers and evaluators, we believe we can have an immediate impact on our communities. Accordingly, we listen to and work with our clients and partners to understand their experiences. CAREI seeks to impact 80% of Minnesota students within five years.

Who We Are

CAREI is a research center that serves as the link between research and practice in Minnesota schools PreK-16 and other agencies interested in applied educational research.

We are experts in research, evaluation, and assessment with a wealth of diverse and interrelated experience.

What We Do

Research: We provide consultation and collaborative services for high quality research design along with quantitative and qualitative analysis.
Evaluation: We partner to evaluate programs, policies, and practices to estimate their impact and to refine solutions for organizations.
Assessment: We partner to develop, refine, and support the development and use of assessments to guide and evaluate programs, services, and outcomes for learners.
Outreach: We strive to build partnerships with organizations who value evidence-based refinement, development, and improvement.

The CAREI District Assembly

The CAREI District Assembly brings together university researchers and school practitioners on a regular basis. For over 20 years, the Assembly has linked University research to educational practice for Minnesota’s K-12 teachers and school leaders. Together, faculty, researchers, and school leaders share research findings, discuss current issues, and identify solutions.

The District Assembly includes:
• Access to assistance from our staff members and links to other University resources
• Quarterly Assembly meetings to share concerns and problem solving strategies for complex education settings
• CAREI Collaborative Grants for educational research
• Opportunities for administrative CEU credits

Get Started

For more information about how CAREI can help in your school district, contact:

Dr. Kim Gibbons
Ph. (612) 625-9751


** This editorial content is provided by CAREI, as an MREA Partner.