Effectively responding and communicating during a crisis takes planning, preparation and support. MREA partners with member school districts to provide this. Members can access crisis communication plans with sample messaging, training and ongoing support.


School districts can choose participate in one of two tiers:

  • Tier 1: Crisis Communication Plan & Training
  • Tier 2: On-Demand Support

Learn more about what’s included below. Both tiers are based on a 3-year program cycle.

Tier 1: Planning & Training

School districts that choose to participate in Tier 1 of MREA’s Crisis Communication receive:

  • Crisis Communication Plan Template for School Districts
  • Spokesperson Training (Conducted Annually)
  • Updated Sample Messaging for Common Crisis Scenarios
  • Online Portal for Anywhere Access to Crisis Communication Materials

Tier 2: On-Demand Support

School districts that choose to participate in Tier 2 of MREA’s Crisis Communication Program receive:

  • All of the benefits of Tier 1
  • Ability to contact a Communications Strategist as needed when a crisis arises in your school district to answer questions and provide support.


MREA is partnering with The Write Advantage Inc. to provide this program to school districts. Dawn Zimmerman, the founder of The Write Advantage Inc., will be leading this program on behalf of MREA. She has worked extensively with school districts on effectively communicating with their stakeholders since 2009.

Getting Started

Districts that are interested in participating in the program may sign up online.

If you have questions, you may contact MREA .


Sign up online

*Limited availability for Tier 2.

Learn More

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