MREA partners with the Minnesota Center for Reading Research to bring high-quality reading professional development to rural Minnesota schools through:

  • Review and consultation regarding districts’ current reading instruction and results
  • Leadership in Literacy Academy for elementary schools based on MCRR’s model of reading success to drive the implementation of the Read Well by 3rd Grade Plans submitted by districts to the state. This helps create action plans to create a leadership team and build local capacity for literacy using data-informed instructional decision making and next steps.

These action plans address two parts of MCRR’s model for reading success that will be the intellectual framework for the Academy and follow up:

  • Quality Core Instruction
  • Tiered interventions
  • Leadership and PD
  • Use of Data

The University of Minnesota Center for Reading Research conducts applied research on reading and research on teaching approaches that facilitate reading instruction.The focus is on conducting research that supports teachers, particularly those who teach students of poverty and students from diverse backgrounds. The Center addresses problems and issues in reading that require creative and powerful research efforts.

It Works

MREA identified MCRR as one of the 3 Things That Work in Minnesota Education to close the achievement gap. Download this report to learn more on:

  • How it works
  • Proven results
  • Personal stories

Get Started

MREA member districts interested in collaborating with the Minnesota Center for Reading Research can contact:

Lori Helman, PhD
Director, MCRR
University of Minnesota
(Identify yourself as an MREA member)

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