MREA partners with OnToCollege to help schools engage and prepare students through a series of ACT Prep videos and practice tests. This program aims to raise the average school ACT score to better position students for post-secondary school admissions and scholarships.

MREA member districts receive an exclusive 10 percent discount and may qualify for an additional discount through their service cooperative. MREA members share the impact in the video below.

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Engaging All

The OnToCollege program is available for grades 9-12 and engages ALL students, not just those who are gifted and motivated. The content is high quality, focused on two messages:

  • Motivating students to prepare and do their very best on the ACT with a “Why to Try”
  • Math, reading and science content and tips students need to do their very best on ACT

Program Implementation

Districts which implement the program select a coordinator who receives training based on plans for using the program videos. OnToCollege when run optimally is a 12-week program. To run the full 12-week schedule, sessions are held one day a week. Teachers facilitate rather than create and teach sessions. The content should be shown during class sessions, and students can view the videos at home as well.

The ACT is a curriculum- and standards-based educational and career planning tool that assesses students’ academic readiness for college. It has wide applicability for all students considering a four-year college. The ACT is a tough, timed test. It is unlike the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA).

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Over 400 schools partner with OnToCollege. For more information and member pricing, contact Betsy Arnold Bahn, OnToCollege representative in Minnesota, at or (612) 987-8098.

This editorial content is provided by OnToCollege, as an MREA Partner.