Build your virtual teaching and evaluation skills to better manage the distance learning environment, engage students and get results by participating in the Virtual Coaching Training program. Proximity Learning, an ESS Company, provides MREA members access to training programs to help Minnesota teachers and administrators effectively transition from a physical environment to succeed in a virtual environment.

Trainings Offered

Effective Administration in a Virtual Environment

Join this new training for building and district administrators to ensure your school and community are getting the best education possible in a Virtual or Hybrid learning environment. Instructors will share their experience setting up Virtual Learning environments, evaluating stakeholders in this unique format, and educating teachers on effective strategies for engaging remote students.

Training instructors Shelly Fisher and Shanna Ayer are Vice Principals at Proximity Learning with careers spanning more than 20 years in education, from teaching and department chairs to online instruction and STEAM education. These 2 will share best practices for you to introduce to your schools and classes.

This class has ended. Contact MREA to join a waiting list for future classes.

Virtual Learning Coaching: for Teachers

This comprehensive learning opportunity for educators helps improve skills in distance teaching. Proximity Learning offers Virtual Learning Coaching with experienced distance learning teachers instructing teachers on best practices and improving their skills by putting into practice what they have learned. This is for staff who schools would like to be trainers for the rest of the district as well as staff who would like to improve their skills.

Proximity Learning’s master-level coaches will also observe teaching, provide feedback and make themselves available for extensive Q+A. Participants will learn how to:

  • Develop custom lesson plans
  • Use modern tools
  • Employ techniques to make their classrooms more engaging
  • Manage records effectively from a distance
  • Learn more

This class has ended. Contact MREA to join a waiting list for future classes.

Get Started

Proximity Learning has over a decade of experience conducting online virtual teaching across the country and has trained hundreds of teachers to utilize modern teaching technology to its full potential. They employ more than 650 teachers empowered to be the best synchronous teachers in the nation. To learn more, contact:

Dr. Michael Robinson
Vice President of School Partnerships and Sales
Phone: (615) 403-8477

** This editorial content is provided by Proximity Learning, as an MREA Partner.

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