MREA is the only advocate exclusively for Greater Minnesota school districts.


Under the leadership of school board members, administrators, teachers and community members, MREA focuses on what puts first the education, growth and development of learners to bring about our best possible future.

Advocacy Accomplishments

We know that schools are stronger when they come together. We’ve seen the results.

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Restoring the Economics of Public Education

In 2023

MREA successfully advocated for Greater Minnesota students by:

  • Increasing and Indexing the Basic Formula Allowance
  • Reducing District Special Education cross-subsidies
  • Securing Cooperative Facilities levy authority
  • Creating Minimum Revenue Guarantees for Smaller Schools including:
    • Student Personnel Aid
    • School Library Aid
  • Attaining permanent funding for Voluntary Pre-K slots
  • Increasing funding for CTE Consortia Programs
  • Creating Board Authority to Renew Operating Referendum
  • Expanding Safe Schools Revenue to include Cyber Security measures
  • Securing funding for Cooperative Setting 4 Programs
  • Expanding 3rd Party Billing for School Social Workers
  • Increasing funding for American Indian Education Programs
  • Continuing Type III Vehicle usage
  • Holding Compensatory Aid Harmless amidst Universal Meals implementation
  • Securing dedicated aid for the Unemployment Insurance Mandate
  • Continuing to defend against ever-present Unfunded Mandates