Location: SERVEMINNESOTA, 431 S 7TH ST., #2540, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55415

Phone: 612-333-7740

Appointing: Governor

Compensation: N/A; commission has delegated duties to nonprofit

Established By: LAWS OF 1994, CHAPTER 647.

Overview: The commission will implement a comprehensive state plan to provide services under sections 121.701 and 121.710 of federal law, pursue funding sources, coordinate volunteer learning service programs, administer the youth works grant program, establish an evaluation of program plan, administer the federal Americorps program, and report to the governor and legislature.

Membership Needs: Eighteen

One Business Representative

One Community Based Agency Representative

Five Community Members

One Development of Youth Expert

One Higher Education Representative

One Local Labor Representative

Two Local Government Representatives

One National Service Program Representative

One Older Adults Representative

One Development and Training Representative

One Tribal Representative

One Volunteerism Representative

One Youth Representative

The commission consists of 25 including the Commissioner of Education.  The governor appoints 24 additional voting members. Eight of these members shall include representatives of public or nonprofit organizations experienced in youth employment and training; organizations promoting adult service and volunteerism; community-based service agencies or organizations; local public or pirvate sector labor unions; local governments; business; a national service program; and American Indian tribes, and an individual between 16 and 25 who is a participant or supervisor on a program.  The remaining 16 shall include individuals with expertise in the management and operations of a nonprofit organization including individuals with expertise in public relations, finance, and development.

The governor shall ensure to the extent possible that membership of the commission is balanced according to geography, race, ethnicity, age and gender.  The governor shall appoint up to five ex officio nonvoting members from appropriate state agencies.  A representative of the Corporation for National Service shall also serve as an ex officio nonvoting member.  Voting and ex officio nonvoting members may appoint designees to act on their behalf.

Time Commitment: Meetings are held on a quarterly basis, with additional committee assignments.

Meeting information at www.serveminnesota.org.