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2016 Board Candidates, North Zone

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The following individuals have applied for one open School Board Representative position for the North Zone on the 2016 MREA Board of Directors. To qualify, they must serve on a school board for an MREA member district.

School Board Representative

Karen Christianson

Mesabi East, School Board Member

Serving on the MREA Board is a way to continue advocating for rural schools in Northern Minnesota. As a School Board member and Pre-K Reading Corps tutor I know first hand how important it is that every child receives a quality education. With the current shortage of teachers it’s more important now than ever to attract quality teachers to our schools, push for more funding in our preschools and better training for teachers.

Stephen Murray

Tri-County, School Board Member

I have been on the Tri-County School Board, Karlstad, for 7 years. I retired from the Federal Government, assigned my last year to interface with senior officials executing bi-national agreements. I have been active in local emergency management planning, church council and coordinating the youth summer rec program. I have four children, and my wife teaches. At meetings preceding our November referendum, we were asked what we were doing to change the policy and statutes hurting our school. I decided to be considered for a position which can affect decisions by our elected leaders. I am concerned about the decline in rural population negatively impacting an already precarious funding stream. Other concerns our patrons have is open enrollment and the associated distribution of funds.

Mike Vasek

Fisher, School Board Member

I can’t believe is has already been four years since I was elected to this position. I am very honored to have worked with such a fine group of professionals, all with a common goal of helping students, teachers and communities in the greater Minnesota schools districts to have the funding and opportunities they deserve. As a school board chair, father of four school-age children, owner of a business, and current MREA board member for four years (including Past President), I know I will continue to be an asset to MREA if reelected to this position.