American Indian Students (AMI) were big winners in Minnesota’s 2015 special legislative session E-12 bill, Success for the Future (SftF). All districts, charters, and Bureau of Indian Education schools with over 20 AMI students will receive $20,000 base funding plus $358 per AMI student over 20. The 2014-15 Success for the Future grantees are held harmless at their FY ’15 funding. In all, 135 districts and charters will receive new or additional funding, or have their current funding stabilized, including 61 MREA member districts. View a list of districts and charters.

Increasing and stabilizing funding for AMI students was a top MREA priority in the 2015 legislative session.  Two-thirds of the 19,000 AMI students in Minnesota are educated in Greater Minnesota schools.

AMI students have the largest achievement gap in the state, and the gap is closing at the slowest pace of any racial or ethnic sub-group. MREA’s maps and data were cited in testimony and committee discussions during the regular session.

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