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AMI "Success" Funding Needs Advocacy

By April 21, 2015 No Comments

Success for the Future (SftF) is included in both the Senate and House Omnibus Education Bills, although at levels far less than the $14.8M in Governor Dayton’s proposal. It is important that AMI schools continue to advocate with their Senator and Representative(s) that an increase in SftF funding and making SftF a permanent categorical source of funding is a high priority for their districts and AMI students.

Thanks to Senator Saxhaug, SF 811 includes $2.6M over the Biennium for Title VII Eligible Schools who enroll 20 or more AMI students. The distribution is a base of $20,000 and a concentration factor of $63 for each AMI student over 20. Current SftF recipients are held harmless. Get a District Run.

This is the same base as the Governor’s proposal, only with a much smaller concentration factor. Learn more on the Governor’s proposal. SF 811 also provides $2.6M for BIE schools to increase their cap by $875 per APU to a total of $2375 per APU on the Formula.

HF 844 includes $1.45M over the Biennium for SftF, but has not included any language describing the specific parameters for the distribution of these funds. HF 844 provides no new funds for BIE schools. HF 844 includes language describing AMI programming and a requirement for a full or part-time AMI community coordinator or home/school liaison in districts with more than 100 AMI students. This language is in SF 1495, but none of the policy language is included in SF 811.

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