These organizations help MREA be heard as the Voice for Greater Minnesota education.

We encourage you to support them to show appreciation. A directory of MREA Associate Members is provided below.

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AgCentric – MN State Center of Agriculture Excellence, North

Contact: Judy Barka

Minnesota Corn Growers Association

Contact: Amanda Bilek

Architects, Engineers & Facilities

Apex Facility Solutions

Contact: Cody Capra

Architectural Resources Inc (ARI)

Contact: Katie Hildenbrand


Contact: Blayne Parkos


Contact: Kris Hannasch

BCI Construction, Inc

Contact: Chris Schellinger

DLR Group

Contact: Alissa Moe

Donlar Construction

Contact: Paul Nelson


Contact: Steve Paasch

Hiller Commercial Floors

Contact: Dave Bahr

HSR Associates

Contact: Brad Simonson

H+U Construction

Contact: Andy Hoffmann


Contact: Jeff Schiltz

InGensa, Inc.

Contact: Jacqui Coleman

Institute for Environmental Safety, Inc. (IEA)

Contact: Amy Satterfield


Contact: Kevin Hildebrandt

JLG Architects

Contact: Dan Miller

KFI Engineers

Contact: Chrissy McNamara

Kodet Architectural Group

Contact: Mike Schellin

Kraus Anderson Construction Company

Contact: John Huenink


Contact: Troy Miller

Lightpeed Technologies

Contact: Cathy Bross

Minnesota Propane Association

Contact: Dave Wager

RA Morton & Associates

Contact: Preston Euerle


Contact:Piper Van Ness


Contact: John Johnson

Trane Technologies

Contact: Thomas Huberty


Contact: Rod Schumacher


Contact: Sal Bagley

Educational Programs & Services

Bell Museum, U of M

Contact: Natalie Kennedy

Blandin Foundation

Contact: Jaci David

Captivate Media + Consulting

Contact: Jake Sturgis

Curriculum Associates Inc

Contact: Brendan Thompson


Contact: Jeff Dehler

Education Minnesota

Contact: Denise Specht


Contact: Katie Dorn

Minnesota Education District Association

Contact: Cherie Johnson

Minnesota State Academies

Contact: Terrence Wilding


Contact: Amy Hansen Bhutta


Contact: Betsy Arnold Bahn

Perpich Center for Arts Education

Contact: Charles Rick

Rapp Strategies

Contact: Todd Rapp


Contact: Nikki Hansen

Special Olympics of MN

Contact: Shannon Murray

Teachers on Call

Contact: Wayne Gilman

Finance, Legal & Insurance, Technology


Contact: Michael Hoheisel

Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors

Contact: Lori Vold


Contact: Shelby McQuay

JMC Computer Services

Contact: Paul Freid

National Insurance Services

Contact: Steve Smith

Nexus Solutions

Contact: Mindy Sirjord

Northland Securities, Inc

Contact: Greg Baufield

Pemberton Law

Contact: Kristi Hastings

PFM Asset Management

Contact: Brian Johnson

PMA Financial Network, Inc

Contact: Kent Johnson

Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger, P.A.

Contact: Jay Squires


Contact: Eric Ogden

Vaaler Insurance

Contact: Casey Holland

Higher Education

Bemidji State University

Contact: Dr. MaryTheresa Seig

Bethel University

Contact: Dr. Tracy Reimer

The College of St. Scholastica

Contact: Dr. Brenda Fischer

Minnesota State University-Mankato

Contact: Dr. Jean Haar

Minnesota State University-Moorhead

Contact: Dr. Ok-Hee Lee

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Contact: Dr. Michael Lovorn

Southwest Minnesota State University

Contact: Dr. Raphael Onyeaghala

Winona State University

Contact: Dr. Danielle Schock

Educational Cooperatives & Organizations

Lakes Country Service Cooperative

Contact: Jeremy Kovash

Northeast Service Cooperative

Contact: Paul Brinkman

Northwest Service Cooperative

Contact: Bruce Jensen

Pine to Prairie Cooperative

Contact: Tom Leuthner

Resource Training & Solutions

Contact: Mark Schmitz


Contact: Paul Drange

South Central Service Cooperative

Contact: Les Martisko

Southeast Service Cooperative

Contact: Steve Sallee

Southern Plains Education Cooperative

Contact: Sarah Mittelstadt

Southwest & West Central Service Cooperative

Contact: Cliff Carmody

Special Education

Area Special Education Cooperative

Contact: Julie Aumock

Bemidji Regional Interdistrict Council

Contact: Brenda Story

Fergus Falls Area Special Education Cooperative

Contact: Jackie Ward

Meeker & Wright Special Education Cooperative

Contact: Melissa Hanson

Midwest Special Education Cooperative

Contact: Todd Travis

Northern Lights Academy Cooperative

Contact: Dena Hagen

Northland Special Education Cooperative

Contact: Brian Yuretich

Northwest Regional Interdistrict Council SPED Cooperative

Contact: Kimberley Johnson

Rum River Special Education Cooperative

Contact: Tanya Tacker

Southern Minnesota Education Consortium

Contact: Dan Armagost

SouthWest Metro Education Cooperative

Contact: Darren Kermes

SpEd Forms

Contact: Diane McCarron


North Central Bus & Equipment

Contact: Paul Guarke

Palmer Bus Service

Contact: Jenna Fromm

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MREA represents more than 237,800 students in 223 Greater Minnesota school districts.

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MREA collaborates with these organizations and cooperatives to better support Greater Minnesota schools.

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We advocate on behalf of education districts of Minnesota within the parameters of the MREA legislative platform.