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Auditor Report Coming on Teacher Licensure Process

By February 24, 2016 No Comments

The Office of Legislative Auditor (OLA) on March 4 will release a report on the Board of Teaching and Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) licensure process.

Under current law, the BOT determines what qualifications teacher candidates need to receive a license and then applications are processed by MDE.

These are the issues the OLA has been investigating and will report on:

  • To what extent do the Board of Teaching and the Minnesota Department of Education manage licensing, licensure appeals, and special permission requests in a transparent and consistent manner?
  • What have been the results of legislative changes regarding teacher licensure, and what progress have the Board of Teaching and Minnesota Department of Education made in implementing these changes?
  • To what extent do the Board of Teaching’s activities overlap with those of the Minnesota Department of Education, and how do they coordinate efforts?

OLA reports usually contain a series of critiques and recommendations for change.

Licensing regulations and processes are one of many aspects related to teacher recruitment and retention. You can read more on MREA’s positions regarding teacher recruitment and retention:

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