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Bill Deadlines: What to Expect

By March 16, 2013 No Comments

The first bill deadline has come and gone at for the 2013 legislative session. The first deadline required individual policy bills to clear all relevant policy committees in one body or the other in order to remain viable as a stand-alone bill through session. The second bill deadline, which is this Friday, requires those same bills to clear their policy committees in the other body in order to remain viable.

Most policy bills don’t travel on their own through the process. Instead they get folded into omnibus bills that contain many provisions.  For school leaders, the omnibus education bill is what contains most legislation of interest and it usually contains all of the school finance and policy initiatives in a given legislative session.

MREA will continue to provide updates on important education bills each week. You also can sign up to track bills and receive email updates on changes by signing up at the Legislature’s site.