The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State recently announced new vacancies for state boards, councils and committees, including one public member vacancy for the Minnesota Board of Teaching.

Citizens in Greater Minnesota are encouraged to apply and serve. Application forms for the Board of Teaching are available online and must be submitted by March 27.

Board of Teaching

  • Public Member (1 Seat)
  • Primary Mission: To assure that Minnesota students are served by licensed teachers who are equipped to deliver effective instruction and meet the instructional needs of all learners.
  • Restrictions to Membership: The board consists of 11 members including six classroom teachers and one school administrator who must be fully licensed for the position he or she holds and have at least five years teaching experience in Minnesota; one higher education representative who must be a faculty member preparing teachers; and three members of the public, two of whom must be present or former members of school boards.
  • Meeting Information: Monthly meetings are held on the second Friday of each month in Roseville.

Apply online.