MREA announced today it will have three elected and one appointed director positions open on its Board of Directors beginning Jan. 1, 2023. Individuals representing full-member districts are invited to apply and help build on MREA’s success by contributing knowledge, expertise and energy. The application deadline is October 17.

2023 Board Openings

MREA’s four membership zones are each represented on the Board by one school administrator, one teacher, one school board member, and one at-large member, who are elected by MREA membership. The Board also appoints two higher education, two service cooperative, and one education district representative. View interactive zone map. View current Board.

These positions will be open for 2023:

North Zone (districts on or north of Hwy. 2)

  • At-Large, 4-Year Term

North Central Zone (south of Hwy. 2, north of Hwy. 210 to Fergus Falls and following I94/694)

  • Teacher, 4-Year Term

South Central Zone (south of Hwy. 210 to Fergus Falls and following I94/694, on/north of Hwys. 14/63/61)

  • School Board, 4-Year Term

Minnesota Education District Association (statewide)

  • Board-Appointed Ed District Representative, 4-Year Term

Time Commitment

Board Meetings

Directors generally serve 4-year terms and meet four times annually in-person or virtually; meeting locations vary. Directors are expected to attend all meetings prepared for forward-looking discussion regarding education issues. In-person meetings are held over two days, starting late afternoon/evening and continuing in the morning; these meetings may require traveling long distances. Online meeting times and formats vary based on the agenda. View the meeting schedule.

Member Meetings & Advocacy Leadership

Board members must attend an online Fall Member Meeting and the MREA Greater Education Summit. Directors also serve as MREA ambassadors and provide leadership for educational advocacy at local and state levels.

Expense Reimbursement

MREA reimburses travel expenses and provides meals and lodging. Directors may also be eligible for per diem per board policy. Districts are reimbursed substitute classroom teacher pay for teacher representatives.


Members ready to be visible leaders for MREA must meet these qualifications at application and for the duration of their MREA Board term:

    • Represent a “full” (non-introductory) member of MREA in the zone in which the vacancy exists
    • Ability to travel and attend overnight meetings
    • Availability for Board and other meeting dates
    • Willingness to actively participate in MREA governance and affirm policies and by-laws
    • Strong commitment to advocating for Greater Minnesota students
    • School Board directors must actively serve on a member-district board of education in the zone in which the opening exists
    • Teacher directors must hold a MN teaching license and be employed under the terms of a teacher master contract with a member district in the zone in which the opening exists
    • Administrator directors must hold a MN Board of School Administrators license and position with a member district in the zone in which the opening exists
    • At-Large directors must maintain employment or residency within a member district in the zone in which the opening exists

Prepare for Application

  • Is your school district/organization located in the applicable membership zone?
  • Do you meet the other qualifications for the vacancy?
  • Have you tentatively reserved 2023 meeting dates on your calendar?
  • Are you receiving MREA members-only communications?
  • Optional: Register here for a Fall Member Meeting
  • Optional: Register here for the Greater Education Summit

Apply Now

Application is a two-step process:

  1. Apply online only. Submit your application here.
  2. Write and email your one-paragraph Interest Statement summarizing your qualifications and educational activities to (Your statement will be included on the voting ballot.)
  3. Interested applicants for the Education District appointment should contact Cherie Johnson before October 1.

Both application items are due by 10 pm Monday, October 17. After applying online check your email inbox (or spam folder) for your application confirmation.

Ballots will be mailed to eligible voting members in late November. Elected candidates will take office in January with orientation prior to the first Board meeting. Call the MREA office at (320) 762-6574 with questions.