The year’s fifth special session of the Minnesota Legislature begins at noon Monday with speculation currently running high about the passage of a bonding bill.

Gov. Tim Walz has reissued the peacetime emergency order to manage the COVID-19 pandemic for another 30 days. State law requires the legislature to have the opportunity to vote to terminate these orders. We expect the Senate GOP majority to vote to terminate them this afternoon and the House DFL majority to allow them to stay in place. Without agreement to terminate between the House and Senate, the emergency powers remain.

House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt has stated publicly he’s no longer tying passage of the bonding bill to Walz relinquishing the emergency orders. However, the goal posts continue to move as the conservative elements in the legislature want to see budget reductions or other cost saving measures to pay for the debt service that will come with the new bonding bill.

The deal on the bonding bill also includes several tax provisions, including a $15 million increase in state support for Tiers 1 and 2 operating referendum equalization.

As Monday’ session progresses, it will become more clear if this bonding and tax deal has come together and is set for final passage.