Involving Your Community Before the Bond – CANCELED

This session will review the success of the Windom School District in engaging and gathering input from the community in identifying the needs and costs to pass a bond referendum. Participants will develop an outline to identify where their district is at and what steps they need to complete to engage their community towards a bond referendum.

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  Developing Your Profile of a Graduate


Open Careers & Education Doors For Rural Students 

Career Academies: Pathway for Every Student KidsCommunity Agents Of Change 

Learning &

Small Town Robot 


Equity In Rural Educational Settings 

Making Mission Monday Sustainable in Your School  


MetierMiddle School Careers Program 


It’s About Learning And Not About Grades 


Prioritizing Equitable Educational ExperiencesNow 


Calming The StormRegulating Behavior 

The School Social Media Trap 


Cultivate Amazing Connections With Students 


FullService Community Schools 


Unlock Literacy Through Movement 


Core Values And Student Performance 


Resources That Engage All Students 


Implementing POWERFUL Teaching Practices  


Positive Behavior Interventions And Supports (PBIS) 


Connecting With Communities Through Podcasting 

Student &
School Safety 

Changing Mindsets Through Student Voices And Views  Cognitive Behavioral Interventions For Trauma     Creating Practical School Threat Assessments  

Finance &

Involve Your Community
Before the Bond- CANCELED  
Addressing Radon in Schools  What’s New In Education Finance 


Construction: It’s Not Greek To Us

Enhancing Community Connections 

Staffing &


Staff Engagement:
Hire And Retain 
Supporting New Teachers From The Start   


Educator Collaboration In  Action 



Personalizing Professional Development 


Internships For Success 


Partnering For School Success Through Instructional Coaching 

Raising TeachersAdd Water Stir  


The First Year oTiered Licensing 

Deep Dive Workshop 

  Supporting Farm Youth Through Understanding And Intervention 

(10:05 am – 2:45 pm)