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Candidates for North Zone Openings

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Here are candidate interest statements for serving on the MREA Board of Directors, representing the North Zone, beginning in 2018:

Administrator Representative Candidates

Tim Lutz
Superintendent, Kelliher Schools

As a superintendent in my 10th year serving the same rural school district in northern Minnesota, I have come to feel a strong sense of advocacy for the needs of rural schools in out-state Minnesota. As an active member in both MREA and MASA, I have gained valuable experience in developing policy, lobbying for education, and assisting in the professional development of my peers. I believe my passion for the needs of rural schools and students, as well as my experience and background serving on numerous committees and boards within MREA, MASA as well as the Minnesota Department of Education, have prepared me to represent and serve northern Minnesota on the MREA Board of Directors.

Beth Vetter
Assistant Principal, East Grand Forks Schools

MREA’s advocacy for education and its continuous improvement is vital for providing excellent educational opportunities for students in Greater Minnesota. In addition, MREA’s value of putting learners first, achieving equity, increasing accountability and encouraging collaboration make it a desirable board to put my enthusiasm, energy and efforts into. I am currently in my third year as Assistant Principal at Central Middle School. Prior to that I was in the classroom for 30 years. My skill set includes the ability to work with a team, think critically, analyze and solve problems, seek input from others, communicate both verbally and in writing, plan and organize work and prioritize tasks.

Teacher Representative Candidates

Kelly Berg
Teacher, East Grand Forks Schools

I am interested in continuing my service on the MREA Board of Directors. I have had the privilege to serve for the past 8 years on both the Legislative Action Committee and the Board of Directors. During my time on the board I have learned a tremendous amount about E-12 and Higher Education. My background as an Early Childhood Educator brings a necessary voice to the board as we move forward with expanding our Pre-K offerings in Minnesota. I understand the time commitment with serving on the board. Along with this commitment comes the opportunity to be the voice for teachers from Northern Minnesota. I enjoy getting the chance to share my perspective with the board as well as with our elected officials in St. Paul.

Beckie Campbell
Teacher, Bemidji Schools

I am a lifetime teacher, beginning my 32nd year. I have taught in 3 states, all rural areas. I teach special education and see the great need these students face every day. All students have some difficulties when they live in a rural area, but special education students’ difficulties are multiplied. The amount of services available and qualified/quality teachers is a serious concern for these students. If we can make some equity-based changes for all students, students with the most needs will benefit also. My teaching position naturally makes me an advocate for all students. Solid professional development with a focus on the student needs is very important to successful schools. Support for positive legislation that helps all students is essential. There need to be strong voices that can reach our legislators, to help them make positive decisions that impact our schools. Our goal is to make the educational experience for all students a strong and positive one! We are the adults who can encourage the legislature to look to the future and and create opportunities for all students to be successful.

William Floersheim
Teacher, Greenway Schools

It is my honor to serve as a Social Studies Teacher and College in the Schools instructor in the Greenway School District, where I have spent the last 6 of my 9 years as an educator. I am running for the MREA Board as a teacher representative for multiple reasons, but none more important than my passion and desire to advocate for students and schools in outstate Minnesota. I have experience as a teacher leader everywhere from our own school’s Instructional Leadership Team to serving as the K-12 teacher representative to the board of Education Innovation Partners (EIP) of Northeastern Minnesota. As a head coach, academic activity advisor, and referee throughout the school year, I have the unique opportunity to interact with students, teachers, coaches, administrators, and families across many Northern Minnesota communities, and as such, to hear and know needs our school districts often share. As we continue our collective push towards college and career readiness for all, it would be my distinct honor to represent schools across the North Region as a member of the MREA board and an advocate for all of Minnesota’s rural students.