Carin Hagemeyer Makes Generational Impact at BBE

Family and Consumer Science Teacher  //  Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa School District


A focus on relationships

For 41 years Carin Hagemeyer has been teaching at Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa schools, and for 39 of those years, she’s driven an hour each way every school day. Her dedication to her craft is obvious to students, staff, and community members alike.

“Carin’s approach to teaching hasn’t become stagnant or stale in her 41 years of teaching,” says High School Principal Laura Spanier. “She adapts to the students in her classroom and evolves her curriculum to make it relevant to her students.”

She’s taught it all, over the years. From clothing design and quilting projects to daycare services and food prep, Carin teaches her students relevant skills they’ll use now and later. This year, Carin is teaching 12 different classes, which she says eliminates any of her formal prep time, but it keeps things interesting.

A highlight of her year is a restaurant experience where her senior high students cook a full dinner and serve their friends and family ‘restaurant-style.’ The immersive nature of the restaurant experience for the students helps them develop social, math, and teamwork skills in addition to the relevant cooking skills they’re using.

A generational impact

Because she teaches so many classes, some of Carin’s students are taking part in her different classes from grades 7-12. Her classes are favorites of many students at Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, which is evidenced by the fact that so many continue to choose her electives.

After four decades of teaching in the same district, Carin is experiencing a different teaching milestone – teaching her former student’s children. As an early childhood coordinator, Carin has had the pleasure of reconnecting with former students and seeing their success.

Carin’s impact on the next generation extends to potential educators.  A few years ago, she started an “Intro to Teaching” class that prepares students in the BBE and surrounding districts for careers in education.

“It is so beneficial for these students to learn about other districts and even policies at their schools,” Carin says.

MREA honors Carin as a 2023 Educator of Excellence for her innovation, dedication, and commitment to get results for her students. See more stories of Educators for Excellence.