Just hours before the Minnesota Department of Health (MDE) confirmed the first coronavirus COVID-19 case in Minnesota, the state Director of Infectious Disease provided schools guidance on handling the coronavirus illness.

The presentation to the Senate E-12 Committee was planned a week prior to the confirmed case in Minnesota and proved to be good timing. As of late Friday, more than half of the U.S. states had reported positive cases of COVID-19.

Director Kris Ehresmann described COVID-19, what schools should be doing to prepare for COVID-19, and communications between MDE, schools and the Department of Health.

At the time of her presentation on Friday, Ehresmann provided the latest statistics on COVID-19:

  • 100,276 people contracted worldwide
  • 3,048 deaths
  • 84% had mild cases
  • Fewer than 2% of the cases have been children

Resources for Schools

Ehresmann provided a series of resources and guidance during her presentation: