A school district’s website should be the central resource for all communication and updates related to COVID-19.

  • Include all pertinent information.
  • Update the website first.
  • Make it easy to find with a link from the home page and an easy URL (For example: districtname.edu/covid)
  • Keep it succinct and easy to navigate. Accordion content blocks or multiple pages may be needed to achieve this.

All communications, via social media, email or phone, should direct your community to this site.

What to Include: Checklist

  • Key contacts(s) Name, title, phone and email of person in the district to contact with questions.
  • Where to find accurate health information regarding COVID-19 (links to CDC and Minnesota Department of Health)
  • When my child should stay home from school (link with details)
  • Steps to prevent spread for families and for staff and faculty.
  • How the districts is monitoring COVID-19 cases (Consider including numbers of confirmed cases)
  • Overview of your response plan. What are you doing now? What happens in the event of school closure for students?
  • Updates on response. What changes are you making? This typically is achieved with links to parent communications.
  • Status updates on events. What’s been canceled or postponed?

Going Live

Take the time to plan out how you will organize this information, review how it appears on a variety of devices and establish your workflow for realtime updates.