Gov. Mark Dayton last week ended any uncertainty over the last remaining bills on his desk, signing both the omnibus Bonding bill (HF 4425) and the omnibus Pension bill (SF 2620) into law.

The Bonding bill contains $25 million for school safety and security grants. During the signing ceremony on the Pension bill on Thursday, Dayton twice noted that this would be the last bill he signs into law as Governor, staving off further speculation about a special session to address the vetoed Tax Conformity and Supplemental Budget bills. Thus ends the work of the 2018 legislative session and most likely Gov. Dayton’s legislative work.

For our part, MREA can be proud of the efforts put forth by our legislative team and grassroots members over the current legislative biennium. MREA was able to advance the cause of rural educational cooperatives and their safety and security needs. MREA members can be proud of our efforts towards passage of the Pension bill.

MREA lent a strong hand and was referred to in House floor debate when transportation advocates pushed a bill to constitutionally dedicate over $300 million in general fund revenue away from education. While the House passed the bill, our efforts helped stave off a Senate floor debate and the bill was not advanced to the November general election ballot.

See a list of key outcomes this session.

The work of advancing rural education continues. The stakes are high in the 2018 election. We look forward to seeing you this summer and fall on the road.