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Understanding Brain Development & Early Learning

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Research on early brain development is exponentially expanding with striking implications for early learning. To help rural educators be at the cutting edge of early learning in their community, Drs. Kathleen Thomas and Michele Mazzocco will give you a look inside the brain and the development of reasoning at MREA’s 2015 Annual Conference. The conference on“Great Beginnings: When Learning Starts Early, Inspires and Applies” will be held Nov. 15-17 in at Cragun’s in Brainerd.

Drs. Thomas and Mazzocco, faculty at the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota, will address early brain development and its implications for learning and early childhood education with a special emphasis on how children grow in mathematical concepts and reasoning. For those whose understanding of children’s development of mathematical reasoning is a vague memory of Jean Piaget, or less, this is a must know presentation.

Share Your Knowledge

MREA members attend the annual conference to learn from fellow teachers, administrators and board members on practices that are working for your students E-12. Technology, community support, governance, school climate, enhancing student achievement, and career and technical education are all topics of high interest to our members.

MREA welcomes proposals to share knowledge and best practices during our 2015 Annual Conference, Great Beginnings: When Learning Starts Early, Inspires, Applies. Learn more about the topics of interest.

The deadline to submit a proposal is 5 pm Wednesday, June 3. Submit a presentation proposal.