Now Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton, the House of Representatives and the Senate have staked out their initial positions on education finance and policy for the next two years.

To assist school district leaders to understand the implications of these positions, MREA created a side-by-side comparison of key issues and assembled the resources and school district runs produced by the Governor, House and Senate. View the side-by-side comparison.

E-12 Proposals
Education Target
Proposal Resources
Impact by School District
Governor $708 million Plan Overview

Voluntary Pre-K (VPK) Plan

Plan Impact by District

     Voluntary PreK by District  

  Rural Bond Levies Impact by District

House $270 million Bill Text

Bill Summary

Commissioner’s Response

Bill’s Impact by District

Compensatory Changes by District

Transportation Impact by District

Senate $300 million


Bill Text

Bill Summary

Bill’s Impact by District


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