MREA and five other Minnesota education organizations met last week and all agreed to four talking points to guide the special session negotiations in St. Paul.

  • Start with the Conference Report HF 844 and add to it to HF 844
  • Increase the formula to at least 2% and 2%
  • For early learning, start with School Readiness and phase in additional Pre-K
  • Resolve your differences quickly so families, teachers and districts can get ready for the 15/16 school year

All six organizations are asking their members to use these talking points when discussing the special session with your media, school community, local legislators and Dayton, Daudt, and Bakk. Contact state leaders.

The negotiators are under increasing time pressures. On Monday, June 1, layoff notices will be sent to nearly 9,500 state workers who will be sidelined if a budget is not adopted by July 1.

Education Organizations

  • Association of Metropolitan School Districts (AMSD)
  • Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA)
  • Minnesota Community Ed Association (MCEA)
  • MREA
  • Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA)
  • Schools for Equity in Education (SEE)

Review the talking points.

Contact Special Session Leaders and Governor Dayton.