The Education Conference Committee convened early Sunday morning. The E-12 bill (HF 844) approved by the committee members spent the $400 million target that leadership gave them on the following major provisions for fiscal years 2016-17:

  • Formula increases of 1.5% and 2%: $283.75 million (71% of $400 million)
  • School Readiness: $30.75 million over two years
  • Early Learning Scholarships: $30.75 million over two years
  • Long Term Facilities Maintenance: $32 million towards an equalized levy that grows over a three year period
  • Lifting of current QComp cap: $9.5 million
  • Indian Education: $3.177 million
  • Reading Core: $3.5 million

MREA dug into the budget details and provided this side-by-side showing what the House, Senate and Governor wanted on each key item and the outcome. View the latest side-by-side on the issues by MREA.

While we had hoped for a bigger target this bill represents a step forward for education on several fronts including basic funding, early learning, American Indian education and closing the inequity in facility maintenance among several other provisions. This is a good bill for rural schools. Stay tuned and you may be asked to call your legislator and the Governor urging their support of the bill.

View the full report of the Education Conference Committee.