Continuing the conversation on equity in education, the Senate heard bills aimed at diversifying and supporting a newer teacher workforce.

Executive Director of Black Men Teach Markus Flynn testified before the committee that exposure to just black male teachers dramatically reduces the dropout rate of black male students.

  • Teachers of Color
    Continuing with focus on anti-racism the Senate E-12 committee took extensive testimony on the “teachers of color” or ITCA (SF 446). View details and status of SF 446
  • LIFO
    Repealing seniority based layoffs, also known as LIFO, was reviewed and generated heated debate between DFLers and the GOP Committee Chair. View details and status and details of SF 781
  • Substitute Teachers
    Creating more flexibility for schools to hire substitute teachers could be piloted under SF 819. MREA supports making a permanent law change to allow individuals who can pass a background check and have AA degrees to serve as short calls subs. View details and status of SF 819
  • MCA Testing
    Lawmakers debated ensuring MCA testing takes place for hybrid and distance learning students. Senate E-12 Chairman Roger Chamberlain is advancing SF 628 to require the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) to develop a plan to ensure these students are able to participate and take their MCA exams. Unlike last spring, Minnesota does not have a waiver in place to skip MCA testing this year.  View details and status of SF 628