Does your district have a great teacher mentorship program?

The Minnesota Department of Education has engaged MREA in a search for effective, proven mentorship programs in our rural member districts.  Although many of the components of new teacher mentorship will look the same in rural Minnesota as in the metro districts, we’re confident there are differences.

One of the most significant struggles that school districs face is the teacher shortage. This issue is affecting rural, metro, Minnesota, and schools across the nation. Increasing the problem is that many teachers quit within the first 5 years of teaching. MREA is working on helping to alleviate this issue from a program level and a legislative level.

Research shows that the lack of support during the early years of teaching is a factor for teachers deciding to leave the field. Many teachers aren’t getting the training, support, and mentorship they need and crave to be their best for their students. MDE is looking to help districts provide a robust new teacher framework that schools can use.

Mentorship programs have proven to be one way to support new teachers with a robust framework so that teachers feel supported and stay in the profession.  Though statute 122A.70 requires districts to have a have a program for teacher mentorship, induction, and retention, districts vary in their committment to and follow through of these programs.

If your district has a new teacher mentorship program that has proven to be effective, please call or email MREA’s Executive Director Bob Indihar. He will pass your contact information on to the Minnesota Department of Education.