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Priorities Outlined in First Bills Introduced in Minnesota Senate, House

By January 8, 2015 No Comments

The Minnesota Legislature convened this week and is moving beyond the ceremonial nods to get to work. The majority party in both bodies of the legislature always makes sure that the first handful of bill introductions (i.e. SF 1-6 and HF 1-5) outline their caucus’ priorities for the session. Both the Senate and House majorities did that Thursday morning.

Senate Bills

Here’s a look at the first six bills introduced in Senate this year:

  1. Natural disaster relief bill
  2. Free tuition for MnSCU tech programs for high school seniors (Sen. Stumpf)
  3. Student loan forgiveness for doctors and dentists who move to rural Minnesota
  4. Child protection bill (Sen. Eken)
  5. Apprenticeship/workforce development bill
  6. Universal/free early childhood education for all

A major transportation funding bill is expected to be introduced next week.

House Bills

Here’s a look at the first five bills introduced by the GOP-controlled House:

  1.  Jobs bill: business tax credit, research and development, permit streamline bill
  2. Education bill: teacher evaluation, licensing reform
  3. Health care jobs and student loan forgiveness bill for medical workers in rural Minnesota, also incentives for opening a health savings account
  4. Roads and bridges funding bill using reserve funds
  5. MnSure reform bill