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Fiscal Cliff Toolkit Released

By December 11, 2012 No Comments

AASA released a new report entitled Federal Public Education Revenues and the Sequester. In conjunction with the release of the report, AASA released its Fiscal Cliff Toolkit, a comprehensive set of resources that utilize this report and dataset to give educators and community leaders everything they need to make urge Congress to action, including background information on sequestration and the fiscal cliff, a sample letter to the editor, a draft opinion/editorial piece, and template letters for communicating with Congress. They represent a comprehensive dataset detailing federal education revenues in school operating budgets for more than 14,500 school districts across the nation.

NREA members are welcome to use and share the report and toolkit. As you make the resources available to your stakeholders, please make sure to acknowledge they are AASA materials.

Republicans are risking a civil war with the right over taxes if party leaders compromise any more in the fiscal cliff talks, especially if they raise tax rates.