Four of the five rural school bond elections passed during Tuesday’s elections held in the mist of the COVID-19 pandemic. Voters approved facility projects for Mora, Roseau, Virginia and Eveleth-Gilbert school districts. Byron voters did not pass the referendum.

That brings the passage rate for 2020 to 78 percent for rural schools, when including the bond referendums held in February and April. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, this is significantly higher than the passage rates just a few years ago. Learn more

Absentee voting played a significant role in turnout. Mora achieved its second highest voter turnout in this election, out of its seven most recent elections, Mora School Superintendent Craig Schultz said. The highest came during a November presidential election when voter turnout is historically high.

Results at a Glance

Voters approved bond referendums:


A $61.9 million new high school passed with 59 percent support (2,040 Yes to 1,435 No).


Voters approved $40.7 million for high school renovations, security for the elementary school and a multipurpose space passed with 74 percent support (for each question). View video

“I am so thankful for the support of our district residents,” Roseau School Superintendent Tom Jerome said. “We are fortunate to live and work in a community that values education, our school and most importantly our students.”

Virginia and Eveleth-Gilbert:

The communities approved a collaborative new 7-12 high school career academy and a new elementary school. The passage rate was 68 percent in Virgina and 58 percent in Eveleth-Gilbert. “The kids are the big winners tonight,” Virginia School Superintendent Dr. Noel Schmidt said.

Previous Results

Previously in 2020, Maple River, Benson and Bertha Hewitt approved bond referendums. Learn more