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Funding Transfers of Early Learning and School Readiness

By March 8, 2015 No Comments

When Rep. Mike Sundin (DFL-Duluth) presented a bill that would authorize the Barnum school district to transfer money between its ECFE reserved account and its school readiness reserved account, he shared that a statewide bill will follow in the next week or two.

MREA has been strongly advocating for these types of bills this session.

A special law passed in 2013 (see Laws 2013, chapter 116, article 7, section 19) allows a school district to make transfers among accounts and funds if the transfer doesn’t change the district’s state aid or local levy authority. This only applies to FY 2014 and FY 2015 only.

Transfers are prohibited from the community service fund and the food service fund. Transfers are allowed among accounts in the community service fund.

The companion bill, SF593 sponsored by Sen. Tony Lourey (DFL-Kerrick), was heard on Tuesday in Senate E12.

Both bills have been laid over for possible inclusion in the education omnibus bill.