Gov. Tim Walz will release his much anticipated two-year budget plan at noon on Tuesday. School leaders from around the state have been calling on Walz to provide predictable and adequate funding for education.

His budget is expected to align with his key priorities of education, health care, infrastructure and community prosperity.

“I believe a state budget is a moral document as much as it is a fiscal document, and mine is  going to be a reflection of our values,” Walz said during an hour-long public forum Wednesday at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. “If you have the best educated and the healthiest population you will clearly have the strongest economy, because you will have the best capacity to innovate, the best capacity to attract workers here.”

Walz’s budget will be based a projected $1.5 billion surplus. The state will release its updated economic forecast later this month and current indicators suggest the projected surplus could shrink.

Once it is released, the House and Senate will consider the plan. The Legislature must approve a final budget by the end of the legislative session on May 20. Minnesota has the only divided state Legislature in the nation, with the two bodies controlled by opposite parties.

This will mark Walz’s first budget plan and State of the State address. A 20-year high school teacher, he campaigned on education and, since taking office in January, has continued to share his desires to better support education in the state.

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