Gov. Tim Walz announced the significant loosening of restrictions on Friday in response to a continued downward trend in COVID-19 cases in the state that will allow for large events like prom and graduation the ability to return to offices.

Public mask-wearing and social distancing requirements will remain, under this latest Executive Order.  View Executive Order 21-11.

Minnesota’s positivity rate of COVID-19  has remained below 5 percent every day since Jan. 17.


On April 1, updated venue capacities and guidance will go into effect related to events and ceremonies held in the state, including prom and graduation.

  • Seated indoor events such as concerts will be allowed for up to 3,000 people.
  • Unseated indoor events such as dances — which involve more unstructured movement and viral transmission risks — will be allowed for up to 1,500 people.

The state does not plan to issue any specific guidance on prom and graduation. When planning prom and graduation, schools can refer to the updated Entertainment and Meeting Venue Guidance on the Stay Safe MN website.

Return to Offices

On April 15, the governor’s changes to the work from home guidance will go into effect, allowing employees to return to their office locations. Working from home will be strongly recommended for those who can, but not required.

All employers are strongly encouraged to continue to accommodate employees who wish to work from home, and must provide reasonable accommodations as required by law.

Districts and charter schools will be strongly encouraged to implement reasonable accommodations for at-risk employees or employees with one or more members of their household who have underlying medical conditions and are not yet eligible for vaccination.

School districts and charter schools are directed to use the same human resource processes and ADA analysis that they normally use when an employee with a disability requests accommodations in order to perform their essential job duties.