Gov. Mark Dayton signed the nine budget and tax bills, including the E-12 bill, the legislature presented to him on Friday. That means Ag2School will become law, schools will receive 2% & 2% on the formula, and more. View the One-Minute Summary for more details on E-12.

Governor Dayton wrote that he is signing these bills to avoid the disruptions of even the threat of a government shutdown. The rest of his letter to legislative leaders is one of the harshest and most critical of his six years in office.

The legislature tied funding the revenue department to a signed tax bill. In response, Governor Dayton line-item vetoed the appropriation for the salaries of the legislators and staff of the House and Senate. He did this to get the legislature to return to the bargaining table over provisions in the tax bill, drivers’ licenses and the tiered teacher licensing system.

However, the next meeting of the Governor and Legislature will likely be in the courts. Both House Speaker Daudt and Senate Majority Leader Gazelka contend that this line-item veto of the legislature’s funding is unconstitutional. Read more about what’s in the bills.