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Grading Criteria Identified

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Curt Rock, an elementary teacher in Foley Public Schools who serves on the Minnesota Teacher Evaluation Working Group, is providing regular updates on the progress for MREA. The Working Group is charged with developing a new evaluation system for Minnesota teachers, as mandated by the legislature as part of a law passed during the 2011 special session.

The group first met in May and is comprised of a diverse representation of roles, geography, and district size. Members are evaluating models used by other states across the nation as well as opportunities to mirror the principal evaluation model recently created in Minnesota. The task force identified a four-part grading scale that is reflective of what is used by almost every model in the nation. Members will continue to discuss the details of the grading system as well as key criteria at the next meeting on Tuesday.

The Work Group also has been divided into six sub-committees to focus on specific tasks, ranging from student achievement data and performance standards to professional development and implementation. Get more information and view the documents on the Minnesota Department of Education site 

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