DFL leaders in the Minnesota House announced last week five priority bills they want to take quick action on to assist people most impacted by COVID-19.

HF 1-5 contain legislation spanning housing assistance, medical and workers compensation support, educational recovery and support for the child care system.

It’s a bold list and House committees will begin work on these bills next week. At this time, the Senate GOP majority has not released a similar list of top priorities.

The two bills impacted E-12 schools include:

HF 4

HF4, sponsored by Rep. Hodan Hassan (DFL-Mpls), would implement actions to deal with effects the pandemic has had on education, including measures related to funding and learning loss, and on-site instruction or home visit guidance for students with an individualized learning plan.

The bill addresses some of the lost pupil count issues school districts are facing, but it doesn’t appear to address lost compensatory revenue as initially introduced. The bill has its first hearing in the House Education Policy committee on Wednesday.

HF 5

HF5, sponsored by Rep. Dave Pinto (DFL-St. Paul), would provide $159.6 million to child care providers to help meet the needs of families.

It would also provide $9.98 million to increase the number of families that can move from the state’s basic sliding fee program to receive assistance. The program helps families pay for child care while they work, look for work, or attend training or school to prepare for work.